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Advocates for Policy Change

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota advocates for statewide policies that advance safety, economic justice, and holistic well-being and build power with communities for gender and racial justice statewide.

Girl wearing red jacket with smiling holding a megaphone with a group of people standing behind her

Voting Builds Community Power

Because we invest in changing systems, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota supports pro-voter efforts to build community power and change the structures and policies of our governments.

When you vote, consider candidates and policies that represent our communities and hold systems accountable to eliminate barriers, increase access to opportunity, and achieve gender and racial justice.

How We Advocate

  • Produce and share the leading research in the state that shows how women, girls, and
    gender-expansive people are faring on key measures of economics, health, safety, and leadership.
  • Highlight community-led programs and solutions that can be scaled across the state.
  • Provide timely, targeted information and disaggregated data to lawmakers, stakeholders, and advocates to create stronger policies that serve everyone in Minnesota.
  • Convene partners and allies from across Minnesota to engage and mobilize around priority issues impacting women, girls, gender-expansive people, and families.

“The invisibility of missing Black girls and women reveals how they are unprotected, punished, or unnoticed. Black women deserve more. Black families deserve more. We must ensure the protection of Black women as a priority, and that can only be accomplished with your support.”

Aaisha Abdullahi
2022 Young Women’s Cabinet Member

Partners in Advocacy

Policy wins are possible because of
community-led advocacy made up of organizers, nonprofit groups, elected officials, and other advocates. We are grateful to all of our partners in advocacy, including:  

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How You Can Help

When you make a gift to the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, you contribute directly to ensuring advocates on the ground are resourced in their direct work in ending systemic inequities so all women, girls, and gender-expansive people thrive.