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Voting Builds Community Power

Because we invest in changing systems, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota supports pro-voter efforts to build community power and change the structures and policies of our governments.

When you vote, consider candidates and policies that represent our communities and hold systems accountable to eliminate barriers, increase access to opportunity, and achieve gender and racial justice.

We invite you to join with us:

  • Register to vote on election day
  • Do your research! Know what’s on your ballot
    • Use your vote to create gender and racial justice. Consider the people and policies that will create equity and justice for women, girls, and gender-expansive people.
    • Review candidate’s proposals for building economic security and safety across race, ethnicity, gender, and geography.
    • Hold incumbent candidates accountable for their commitment and record on creating change for neighbors who are most impacted by their work.
  • Be an election judge

Civic Engagement Partners

Follow and support Women’s Foundation grantee-partners building community power through voter registration and civic engagement initiatives:

Support civic engagement groups focused on educating communities on policy issues and mobilizing communities to the polls.

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