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About Us

Invested in the Future

We invest in innovative community-based, community-led solutions to ensure equal opportunity and pathways to economic security for girls, women, and families across Minnesota.

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Our Mission

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota invests in innovation to drive gender and racial equity in Minnesota.

Our Vision

A world of equal opportunity where women and girls – and all people – hold the power to create and lead safe, prosperous lives

How We Define “Woman”

Women and girls includes anyone who identifies as a woman and/or girl. WFMN programs are inclusive of transgender and gender expansive people that experience gender-based structural harm.

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  • “When the young women in our state do better, we’re all going to do better.”
    Hope Hoffman
    Cabinet Member, Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota
  • “This work is fundamental to the health and success of our community.”
    Karen Trouba
  • “Research without action is pointless.”
    Lee Roper-Batker
    Former President and CEO, Women's Foundation of Minnesota

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Our Work

We leverage community investments, research, public policy, and more to ensure gender and racial equity for girls, women, and all Minnesotans.

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Our People

Together, we are creating a world of opportunity, safety, and leadership for all girls and women in Minnesota.

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Our History

When founded in 1983, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota became the nation’s very first statewide community foundation dedicated to gender equality.

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Our Research

We Conduct Research to Listen, Learn, and Drive Action With Communities

In Minnesota, data show that girls and women, particularly from communities of color and those who live in Greater Minnesota, experience economic, safety, health, and leadership disparities that prevent them from thriving. The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota conducts qualitative and quantitative research to better understand the lives of women and girls within communities, identify assets and barriers, and fund solutions.

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Annual & Financial Reports

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Research + Grantmaking + Policy + Cross-Sector Partnerships

Each year, we invest millions of dollars in innovative, community-led solutions across the state to build a Minnesota where all women and girls have opportunity, safety, and leadership.

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