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Sponsorship Request Process

Invitation Only

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFM) invests in organizations, leaders, and the movement for women and girls to thrive. The WFM sponsorship fund is a limited fund dedicated to supporting events and convenings of leaders and communities working to advance gender and racial equity through WFMN’s four impact areas: leadership and community power, safety, holistic well-being and reproductive justice, and economic justice.

The Women’s Foundation provides sponsorship grants between $1,000 and $5,000. Please read the eligibility and review process before submitting an inquiry.

Eligible for funding

In order to be eligible for funding, events must meet the following criteria:

  1. Organizations driving innovative solutions that advance gender and racial equity and justice by increasing access to economic opportunity, safety, and leadership in Minnesota.
  2. Events and convenings located in Minnesota.
  3. Eligible organizations include nonprofit organizations, American Indian Nations, schools, local government and law enforcement, and other tax-exempt organizations. Unincorporated organizations may apply but must have a tax-exempt fiscal sponsor.

NOT eligible for funding

  1. Grants to individuals are not eligible.
  2. Organizations that limit or oppose a woman’s right to self-determination are not eligible..
  3. Projects within religious institutions that do not align with the mission and values of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota are not eligible.
  4. Events that have already happened.

Review process

The community impact will review sponsorship inquiries on a weekly basis. If found eligible, the community impact team will follow-up with a grant application to complete in the grant’s portal online. The deadline for the grant application will be two weeks from receiving it.

Inquiry Form

Learn more by submitting an inquiry below. Tell us about your event or project!