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Ensuring a Minnesota where barriers are eliminated, and all girls and women are respected and thrive.

We use strategic communications and research to educate and mobilize Minnesotans to break
harmful stereotypes, build community, increase safety and well-being, expand opportunities, and create equity. We envision a state where the human rights of girls and women are unquestioned and they are valued as solution builders and leaders within their communities.

Young women leaders at an event

The Gender Gap within Political Leadership

In 2019, the state legislature swore in its most racially diverse group of lawmakers yet. Legislators of color increased to 21 (11 of whom are women), up from 17. However, women of color remain underrepresented relative to their proportion of the state’s population.

Elected Officials in the U.S.

Of over 42,000 elected officials nationwide, from President to the county level:

Elected officials pie charts
Reflective Democracy Campaign

Women in the MN Legislature

Women in the MN Legislature graphi
CWGPP analysis of data from the MN Legislature Reference Library and the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates for July 1, 2018. Bar heights represent percentage of women of that ethnicity or race in the state Legislature in the session year indicated. Numbers inside the bars indicate the number.

Young Women Are Leaders

Meet Raie Gessesse

Raie Gessesse, former Young Women’s Cabinet Member and current WFMN Policy Fellow, shares
why she applied to be a part of YWI MN and why supporting other young women of color as leaders is critical for our state’s success.

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