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You Belong Here in Minnesota: A WFM x OutFront Pride Dialog Series

In June and July, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and OutFront Minnesota are holding a conversation series on gender-expansive communities across the state, the intersections of trans rights and reproductive rights, and growing our collective understanding on what it means to pay attention to and support our LGBTQ+ communities.

Catch up with the conversations here and be sure to follow our resources below for supporting queer joy, wisdom, and activism year-round.

Session I: Meeting at the Intersections of Justice & Gender Expansiveness

“You belong here” has been the rally call for Minnesota’s LGBTQ+ communities, and at the height of America’s current attacks on trans people, it’s more critical now than ever to center them. Join WFM and OutFront for our kick-off conversation on the importance of inclusiveness, language, and visibility: View Recording

Session II: Inclusive Reproductive Justice and Gender-Affirming Care for LGBTQ+

The fight for reproductive justice in Minnesota also means addressing accessible and inclusive care for LGBTQ+ communities. Join WFM and OutFront for the second part of our conversation series as we take a deep dive into how the struggle for reproductive justice and gender-affirming care is critical to healthier communities: View Recording

Session III: Safer Communities for LGBTQ+ Means Safer Whole Communities

Leaning into Minnesota’s culture of collective care, when Minnesota’s LGBTQ+ communities are centered in safety initiatives, communities are more whole and safer across the state. Join WFM and OutFront for the third conversation on the transformative ways groups on the ground are keeping LGBTQ+ communities safer through legal aid, mental health services, and more: View Recording

How to Get Involved

• Follow the leadership of LGBTQ+ movement leaders.
• Support the work of LGBTQ+ groups and organizations.
• Learn, gather, and be in community.
• Have conversations in your local community.
• Give to sustain the movement. Building the work takes time.

Panelists’ Organizations

OutFront Minnesota
Planned Parenthood
Gender Justice
Transformation Project Advocacy Network
Queer Equity Institute

Other Resources

Virtual Podcast Circle: You’re Wrong About/the Stonewall Uprising
Training: Anti-Trans Legislation and Mythbusting Anti-Trans Rhetoric
• Mnopedia: The history of language, tradition, and the variations in gender and sexuality that have been (in)visible in different eras.
Land of 10,000 Loves
• TPT’s documentary Out North on MN LGBTQ History
• Twin Cities Pride hosts an online history tour
• Mill City Museum’s exhibit Going Out, Coming In
Telling Queer History

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