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WFM Stories

40th Anniversary

Join us in celebrating our past, present, and future by sharing your story and contributing to a culture of bold, feminist generosity to sustain the next 40 years.

Make a Wish!

What wish do you have for women, girls, and gender-expansive people?
What’s the future you imagine for the next 40 years?

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See what others have wished for…

  • I wish for a future where women, girls, and gender-expansive people have equal opportunities, rights, and access to education, healthcare, and economic resources. Empowerment should be a fundamental right for all. I hope for a world where safety is not a privilege but a given. Freedom from violence, harassment, and discrimination should be universal. May the next 40 years bring powerful stories, art, and cultural expressions that amplify diverse voices and challenge norms.
  • I wish for liberation from oppressive systems for us all. There is a future where we are all rested, safe, content, and loved. I look forward to building that future together.
  • When we tap into our core value, women, girls, and gender-expansive people feel their worth and importance. My wish is that all people see the power and brilliance of all women in the world.
  • Mutual aid, deeply hearing, centering, caring for those with least privilege. Fully dismantle patriarchy and white supremacy.
  • Equity and equality
  • A community that reflects all our experiences + femmes in power + transforming systems
  • Women have parity to men in every measure
  • A radical feminism beyond the gender binary – that doesn’t rely on bringing diversity INTO feminism + instead brings radical feminism outward as an aspect of humanity.
  • Fearless and liberating
  • Justice and inclusivity to BIPOC women and women with disabilities
  • Connection to each other and the earth.
  • Intersectional, restorative, joyful
  • Women in ALL positions of power
  • Women are honored + respected + followed and their wisdom is sought out.

Rest Up Awards

To celebrate the leadership and care that has kept our communities safe and well, we created the Rest Up Awards to make our first transformative investment of $400,000 in 40 Black, Indigenous, and women of color organizational leaders in Minnesota.

Join Us in Celebration

Calendar of Events

For WFM’s 40th birthday, we’re hosting conversations with partners and trailblazers who are showing the way to a culture of collective care and bold, feminist generosity.

Our History

A feminist history of our last 40 years celebrates the Minnesota’s women, girls, and gender-expansive people who made things happen then and now, growing a legacy for the next generation.

Make a Gift

Your gift funds investment in research, grantmaking, and policy to drive systems change for gender and racial justice in Minnesota.

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