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Rupturing the Racial Wealth Gap Recap

On Feb. 28, we hosted Rupturing the Racial Wealth Gap, with Denisse Pachuca from BMO Zero Barriers to Business. Check out the recording featuring three amazing panelists leading wealth-building initiatives in our Minnesota communities.

We asked our panelists and host to share resources they see rupturing this gap, and ways to get involved yourself.


If you’re looking for more ways you can rupture the racial wealth gap, please consider supporting the Women’s Foundation and the organizations you heard from today!

  • Support the organizations led by our panelists. Donate, collaborate, follow, and support their policy agendas to accelerate investment in wealth creation for Black women and women of color, like the MN Promise Act and the Crown Act
  • You can donate to support our investments in Economic Justice, from girlsBEST to We Thrive, which funds education in high-wage fields and NDC’s investment in women of color entrepreneurs.
  • Consider opening a donor advised fund (DAF) and take your philanthropy further with collective impact by contacting Polina Montes de Oca

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