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A Call to Men’s Legacy Fund Deepens Impact in Gender & Racial Justice

Longtime partner and ally A Call to Men recently established a donor-advised fund (DAF) at the Women’s Foundation, adding funding to deepen our partnership for impact as we invest in a safer and more just world for all. Institutional DAFs are one way we build power together and partner on locally targeted giving to share our capacity with organizations leading in our communities.

As an institutional DAF holder, A Call to Men is expanding on WFM investments for gender and racial justice and joins Center for Victims of Torture, Midwest Legacy Fund, Ponytail Posse Fund, Southside Family Charter School Fund, and WeARE as partners in driving our shared mission and investments for maximum impact.

Donor advised funds are charitable accounts through which donors can make grant recommendations to the nonprofits of their choice. When groups or organizations open a DAF with the Women’s Foundation, we add capacity by providing due diligence and gift verification, while partnering on targeted giving to build power with organizations leading in our communities.

A Call to Men is an internationally recognized leader in training men and boys to listen, learn, and act to end gender-based violence and discrimination. The Women’s Foundation sponsored A Call to Men’s conference in Minnesota in 2017. Most recently, A Call to Men hosted a series of virtual trainings with our Men of Courage Circle to support men’s leadership in changing systems. Our support of A Call to Men’s prevention strategies is a direct investment in safety and prosperity for women, girls, and gender-expansive people in Minnesota and across the country.

The Women’s Foundation recently participated in a staff screening of A Call to Men’s documentary “Intentionally Erased” that spotlights the safety and humanity of Black trans women. “We are very proud to have been a grantee-partner with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and honored to now become a supporter of WFMN through the donor advised fund. The Women’s Foundation continues to lead the way as an example of a courageous and visionary change agent for Minnesota and our country. We are thrilled to be a part of the WFMN family as we all work to create a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful, and all women, girls, and those in the margins of the margins are valued and safe,” says Ted Bunch, Chief Development Officer at A Call to Men.

As an institutional DAF holder, A Call to Men benefited from the internal capacity. It simplified the giving we share with all DAF holders, while providing access to better, mission-aligned investments. Donors can also be assured that the selected charities meet our high standards and thorough review. Donor advised fund investments impact communities statewide and beyond. Endowed donor advised funds of $25,000 and more are commingled with the Women’s Foundation endowment to infuse additional capital into communities statewide through Program Related Investments (PRI)[CP1] [JD2] . Since 2011, WFMN’s more than $1 million in PRI investments have generated more than $10 million in mission-aligned lending capital to organizations and women-owned businesses.

Creating a Minnesota and a world where women and girls have opportunity, safety, and leadership takes all of us. Men, boys, and those who are masculine-identifying are critical leaders and partners in dismantling gender-based issues. Our ongoing partnership with A Call to Men adds more impact and capacity to organizations leading gender and justice work in our communities. Institutional DAF partnership like ours help build culture of trust-based giving to resource women, girls, and gender-expansive people so all people have what they need to thrive. 

Read more about A Call to Men’s national leadership in preventing violence and our Men of Courage Circle: Men Leading Change for Healthy Communities – Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (

If you’re interested in learning more about opening a donor advised fund at the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, contact Lizzie King at or 612-236-1832.

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