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Gratitude & Transition — A Note from Lulete

Lulete Mola

From the moment I arrived at the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota eight years ago, WFMN has been more than a place of work – it has been my political home, and the place where I’ve had the honor to transform my values and vision into action.

With profound gratitude, I share the news that I am transitioning out of my position at WFMN to serve as President and Co-founder of the Philanthropic Collective to Combat Anti-Blackness & Realize Racial Justice (the Collective), a Black-led initiative formed in response to the killing of George Floyd.

Long before gender and racial justice was trending, we practiced and worked towards it within the walls of our organization. We aren’t perfect, but we’ve always been dedicated practitioners. In my time with WFMN, I have served in several positions and throughout the years have been fortunate to have been guided by mothers and sisters in the women’s funding and gender justice movement. Having started through programs that support women of color to lead in the philanthropic sector, WFMN will always be the place where I came into my leadership, voice, and power. I am grateful to the staff, board, and our community partners for imagining another world of possibility to create the just world that each of us and our families deserve.

I am most proud of our work to amplify and invest in the leadership and brilliance of young Black, Native, Latina, Asian, and additional women of color and gender-expansive people through the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota—particularly our Innovators program, our first time investing directly in individual leaders. I’m grateful to have co-authored the Intersectional Equity Framework™ we published and to have contributed to the Foundation’s strengthened work to advance gender and racial justice in the sector and beyond.

Having been steeped in the movement for Black Lives and the sector of philanthropy since I began my career, I’ve often found myself uniquely connected to tables, leaders, and spaces that aren’t always connected with one another. Amid COVID-19 and the uprising for racial justice, I finally understood why when we created the Collective, an emergent and innovative opportunity to build power, sustain Black-led social change in MN, and transform the field of philanthropy. While I have been so fortunate to build this Collective aligned with WFMN’s mission over this last year, its growing needs and capacity requires dedicated leadership to reach its full potential. I am thrilled to be stepping into this role and will take all that I have learned here at WFMN to lead this new movement for change.

WFMN will always be my home and I look forward to serving our mission in a new way. I am grateful for your teachings, partnership, and community. With Gloria, LaCora, Jasmine, and the full team’s leadership, I am confident in WFMN’s future as a continued driving force for gender and racial justice in Minnesota.

Thank you for being part of what makes the Women’s Foundation a strong and beloved community. I look forward to all that’s ahead!

With deep love and gratitude,


P.S. Did you see our job posting for our new VP of strategy and innovation with WFMN? I hope you pass on the good word and encourage leaders you admire to apply!

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