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Creating a Minnesota Where Every Girl has the Opportunity to Thrive

Join the YWI MN and be a part of the movement. Discover how young women and girls are driving change, community by community, to ensure safe, prosperous lives for all.

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Leading the Way to End Demand | WFMN

Leading the Way to End Demand: Our MN Girls Priority

We are thrilled to share the results of our continued leadership to end sex trafficking, which has generated highly visible and positive media attention for the Foundation and our impact.

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Donor Story

Romaine Scharlemann: Generous Donor-Partner and Donor Fund Advisor

Establishing a donor advised fund put philanthropy in reach for Romaine and her husband, allowing them to build their fund over time while leaving a charitable legacy for their sons.

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Romaine Scharlemann | WFMN
Dunwoody College Students | WFMN
Grantee Story

Dunwoody College: Creating Pathways to Prosperity for Women

Kolang Vang and Sirena Dubiel feel they have finally landed in the right program to help them achieve educational success.

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Our Purpose | WFMN

We invest in innovative community-based, community-led solutions to ensure equal opportunity and pathways to economic security for girls, women, and families across Minnesota.

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Our Work

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Invests in Innovation to Drive Gender Equity in Minnesota.

Founded in 1983, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is the first and largest statewide women’s foundation in the country and holds a unique niche among Minnesota community foundations.

As a statewide community foundation, we invest, leverage, learn, influence, and scale to ensure community-based, community-led solutions to achieve gender and racial equity in Minnesota.

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Our Areas of Impact

We Lead With Community in 3 Areas:

Economic Opportunity | Impact Area | WFMN


Ensuring a Minnesota where doors to opportunity are abundant and open to all girls and women in every community, and pathways to prosperity assured.

Economic Opportunity | Impact Area | WFMN


Ensuring a Minnesota where all girls and women are free from all forms of violence and can experience their homes, schools, and communities as safe places.

Leadership | Impact Area | WFMN


Ensuring a Minnesota where barriers are eliminated and all girls and women are respected and thrive.

Take a closer look at our impact areas and the funds and research that support them.

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