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What You Should Know About Sex Trafficking During the Super Bowl

As we look forward to hosting Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on February 4, 2018, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and our partners in advocacy, law enforcement, and the business community statewide welcome the opportunity to champion our nationally recognized statewide response to end sex trafficking.

We know—from the research we commissioned—that while the Super Bowl may temporarily increase the likelihood for trafficking in a host city, the event is no different than other large public events.

Working Together

As co-chairs of Minnesota’s 2018 Super Bowl Anti-Sex Trafficking Committee, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, Hennepin County, and Ramsey County are leading the statewide effort to confront this daily reality and increase awareness of the issue. We are working in partnership with more than 40 anti-sex trafficking organizations, including advocates, victim/survivor service providers, law enforcement agencies, businesses, cities, counties, and victims/survivors.

Our goal is to use this extra attention to:

  • Offer enhanced services (additional shelter beds, expanded drop-in center services and staffing) for sex trafficking victims in Minnesota.
  • Train hotel and transportation workers in identifying the signs of sex trafficking.
  • Conduct a public education campaign to build awareness and create new allies.
  • Develop a replicable model to use during future large events in this community and to share with other cities.

Knowing the facts, being aware of the signs and making sure that everyone during this big event is safe is a great way to fight trafficking. Together, we need to remain focused on ending sexual exploitation in Minnesota 365 days a year.

Download this tip sheet so you can spot the signs of sex trafficking.

MNGirls NFL Infographic

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