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Press Release

Women’s Foundation Celebrates Economic Opportunity Summit 2018

On Friday, April 13, 2018, the Women’s Foundation hosts its second annual Economic Opportunity Summit, which brings together corporate, philanthropic, and individual donor-partners with statewide grantee-partners and policymakers.

At the Summit, the Foundation unites all our partners across three areas of impact — Opportunity, Safety, and Leadership — for a day of inspiration, learning, and cross-sector networking. We know that solving complex problems requires a collaborative approach with many partners leading innovative solutions.

A highlight of the day includes a morning plenary with Representative Ilhan Omar and Lissa Jones, creator and host of “Urban Agenda,” on KMOJ Radio. At the luncheon plenary, featuring Ted Bunch, co-founder of A CALL TO MEN, we’ll connect and harness our collective knowledge, resources, and commitment to equity to #ChangeCulture and build pathways to prosperity for all young women in Minnesota. Bunch, a national leader in promoting healthy, respectful manhood, will address how healthy masculinity creates safety and opportunity for all. Best Buy’s Chief Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Officer, Laura Bishop, will share remarks as a presenting sponsor, and address its innovative co-funding collaboration with the Women’s Foundation. The Foundation supported Best Buy’s application of a gender lens to existing STEM programming by co-investing in career-pathways programming for young women at two Teen Tech Centers in Minneapolis.

Minnesota is a national leader in innovation, action, and impact, changing the narrative and systems that prevent too many young women in our state from accessing opportunity and future economic success. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, the Women’s Foundation convenes the annual Summit and unites all its partners ever closer in common purpose and momentum to drive economic opportunity, safety, and leadership for women, girls, and all people.

Thank you to Best Buy, the Presenting Sponsor of the Economic Opportunity Summit, and Glass Ceiling Breaker sponsors, 3M and Bank of America, for their generosity and commitment to ensuring all young women can thrive.

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota invests in community-driven solutions to move gender and racial equity ever closer. Together, we can #ChangeCulture to ensure a world of equal opportunity where women, girls, and all people hold the power to create and lead safe, prosperous lives.

We are grateful for the generous support of our Economic Opportunity Summit sponsors!

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