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Planned Gift Helps Fund Girls’ Dreams

Dr. Trenda and Shelly Boyum-Breen’s thoughtful and passionate approach to estate planning led them right to the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

“The Women’s Foundation is deeply committed to doing research that proves the funding is making a difference,” Trenda says. “They are doing that with values related to the plight of women and social and racial justice.”

The Minnesota couple’s careers align with the values of the Women’s Foundation. Trenda recently retired as president of Rasmussen University after 20-plus years at institutions that served primarily marginalized students. Shelly’s career led her to discover a gap of physically active girls in children’s literature, and she wrote a children’s book series, Shelly Bean the Sports Queen and created the Let Me Play grants.

Research-Supported Giving

The Boyum-Breens invested in the Women’s Foundation through a donor advised fund (DAF). “We chose a DAF because it allows donors the opportunity to invest in organizations that the Women’s Foundation has proven to be making a difference,” Trenda says. “Their mission aligns with our personal mission—and that allows us to further critical research and support for women and children in Minnesota and beyond.”

Upon setting up the fund, they immediately began putting those funds to work. “They set a great example to others by not only investing in the DAF but also by using it to actively invest in the community,” says Kim Stone, vice president of advancement and external relations. “We are grateful to donors like them who fuel and amplify our work.”

Shelly shared, “The Women’s Foundation’s commitment to the advancement of all girls and women is the most important work we can be focused on right now in our world. Putting our resources where they can make the most immediate impact both short- and long-term is necessary. We’ve seen the data. We are committed to making change.”

“Now more than ever girls’ dreams and eyes are wide open,” Trenda says. “And to fund those dreams and to fund the research and to understand how we can create level playing fields for girls of color and Indigenous girls, I think that’s the message. Now is the time to get active in new ways with your money and your resources.”

Create a Cycle of Giving

To learn more about the advantages of creating and giving through a donor advised fund at the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, contact Stacy Papier-Meister, associate director of advancement, at or 612.236.1827.

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