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Our Statement of Opposition to Policy of Separating Immigrant Families

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota stands in the strongest possible opposition to the Trump administration policy that systematically, cruelly, and inhumanely separates immigrant children from their parents as they enter the United States at the border for sanctuary and safety. We believe the experts: the trauma and damage suffered by the children being detained causes great harm emotionally and physically, often for a lifetime. The policy and these actions are unconscionable and heartbreaking.

We call upon the Trump administration to put an immediate stop to this policy, keep asylum-seeking families together at our borders, and follow humane protocols and international law regarding asylum-seekers on our soil.

With unwavering integrity, we will hold fast to our vision of a world of equal opportunity where women, girls, and all people hold the power to create and lead safe, prosperous lives. We believe in equality and justice for all, regardless of immigration status. And we believe the protection of families and children is paramount to the health and well-being of our community, state, and nation.

Law enforcement and government should only separate children from their parents as a last option when children are in danger of harm. We urge the Trump administration to reconsider and reverse this policy that is both dangerous and harmful to children and families.

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