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Our 2023 Impact

In 2023, we have been growing transformative power for a world where all women, girls, and gender-expansive people have what they need to thrive.

From Our President & CEO

We were born out of radical investment in a feminist future. This year, we’re celebrating 40 years of funding gender justice movements and the people who make it happen. Since we were founded in 1983, we have invested almost $50 million in communities around the state to remove barriers to equity and justice for women, girls, and gender-expansive people.

In the last year, we invested more than $3 million in community-led solutions and the programs and people that are building power, safety, well-being, and economic success with women, girls, and gender-expansive people across Minnesota.

We continue to increase our economic impact through mission-driven investing that includes Program Related Investments and aligning our $23 million in endowment investments with our mission.

Thank you for being part of our story in a transformative future together.

Headshot of Gloria Perez

Gloria Perez
President & CEO

Our Impact By the Numbers

Fiscal Year 2023 | April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023


invested in
158 organizations


total grants made into
the community


in grants made to
organizations and individuals


total Minnesotans

We serve thousands of people across four categories…

A pie chart with 34 percent highlighted


Leadership &
Community Power

$439,150 | 86 grants

A pie chart with 26 percent highlighted


$719,339 | 64 grants

A pie chart with 22 percent highlighted


Holistic Well-Being & Reproductive Justice
$395,900 | 54 grants

A pie chart with 18 percent highlighted


Economic Justice
$668,705 | 44 grants

…across multiple state regions

The state of Minnesota with the metro area highlighted

Metro (purple)

The state of Minnesota with the rural areas highlighted

Rural & Greater MN (green)

The entire state of Minnesota highlighted

Statewide (pink)

The state of Minnesota with the outside area highlighted

Out of state (orange)

A grid of percentage blocks divided by the four state regions for safety


A grid of percentage blocks divided by the four state regions for economic justice

Economic Justice

A grid of percentage blocks divided by the four state regions for leadership  and community power

Leadership &
Community Power

A grid of percentage blocks divided by the four state regions for holistic well-being and reproductive justice

Holistic Well-Being &
Reproductive Justice

Program Related Investments

WFM invests additional capital into communities through PRIs, which are below-market interest rate loans to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), who facilitate low-cost financial support and trainings to nonprofits. PRIs strengthen economic opportunities for women and girls, with an emphasis on rural and Greater MN, Latinx, African, and immigrant communities. Since 2011, WFM’s $1 million investment in PRIs has leveraged more than $10 million.

Lending capital increases access to:

  • Funding for women and family-owned businesses
  • Affordable housing
  • Childcare centers
  • Financial trainings
ROI graphic showcasing the scale of leverage

Meet Our PRI Partners

African Development Center of Minnesota
Entrepreneur Fund
Latino Economic Development Center
Northwest Minnesota Foundation
Propel Nonprofits

Featured Stories

Explore these feature stories from our impact areas.


Safety: Phumulani – Minnesota African Women against Violence – provides education, advocacy, and leadership to sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors of color.

Young Women’s Cabinet:

Day at the Capitol

Leadership & Community Power:
Championing the Young Women’s Cabinet is critical to supporting their ongoing leadership development and grassroots advocacy.

Our Justice

Holistic Well-Being & Reproductive Justice:
Grantee-partner Our Justice removes barriers for accessing reproductive services in Minnesota.

Minnesota North College

Economic Justice: Through We Thrive, our fund for economic justice supports wealth-building by investing in education and entrepreneurship.

Fadumo Ahmed
Funding Recipient

Impact in Program Related Investments

Northwest Minnesota Foundation

Through our Program Related Investment, Women’s Foundation funding contributed $10,000 to Fadumo Ahmed, so she could open Gold Childcare Center, a culturally supportive child care center in East Grand Forks. Fadumo has been able to rely on support, assistance, and advisement from multiple organizations through NMF.

Fadumo, who had been providing in-home childcare, set out to open a center as a solution to meet an increasing need in the community. She has seen Somali families struggle to find adequate childcare due to language difficulties, cultural barriers, and insufficient flexibilities.

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