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Inspired to Commit: Creating a New Donor Advised Fund

By Kathy Longo

My family recently created a Donor Advised Fund with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. We had a donor advised fund in the past with a large national institution, but we have been inspired by the efforts of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota to create a world of equal opportunity for women and girls. Moving our Donor Advised Fund to the Women’s Foundation was an exciting commitment for us because it puts our dollars directly behind an organization that is working on causes that are important to us. There are multiple considerations involved in committing to a Donor Advised Fund, and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota successfully “checked all the boxes” for us.

Align our giving around the causes that are most important to us. The first step in our charitable giving plan was to make a list of organizations we have given to in the past. Then we took some extra time to think about which causes are most important to our family. This exercise presented a good opportunity to consolidate our giving to create a greater impact. We are hopeful that our Donor Advised Fund with Women’s Foundation will allow us to continue to find greater focus and derive more satisfaction from our gift while making a greater impact in our community.

Create a family legacy of giving. The holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity to incorporate the spirit of giving into family traditions. In addition to being an effective way to instill the spirit of giving early, family conversations about philanthropy are also an opportunity for family members to share individual perspectives about which causes are most important to them. In our case, our family is very focused on supporting the long-term success of women by investing in research, advocating policies, and building partnerships to create community-led solutions across Minnesota. Our Donor Advised Fund is a great vehicle to talk about how giving our dollars can make a difference.

Understand our community better. We appreciate the local impact of the Women’s Foundation. It’s a great opportunity to support a local organization that is impacting communities across the state of Minnesota. In addition, we have the opportunity to learn more about what communities need and where women’s issues are at risk. Our Donor Advised Fund creates an opportunity to foster knowledgeable kids who are aware of important issues and learn the ability to use dollars to create meaningful impact through national strategic partnerships.

Creating a Donor Advised Fund with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota allowed our family to support an organization that fully aligns with our goals while maintaining control over which specific programs we most want to support, all while knowing that the organization has committed to maximizing the value of our gift. Their commitment to effectively supporting women’s issues directly and through other partnerships is unparalleled in the local community. Creating a Donor Advised Fund was a great option for my family, and definitely worth considering for other people who want to make a difference while supporting important missions.

Kathy Longo, is the president and founder of Flourish Wealth Management, and a valued donor-partner with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. She lives in Minneapolis with her family.

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