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Community Response Fund

Through Community Response fund grantmaking, the Foundation can respond quickly to emerging community needs and fund programs that ensure women’s safe and healthy lives.

Apply By Invitation

Applications are invitation only. For more information and eligibility, schedule a time to meet with us through community office hours.

About the Fund

Community Response grants respond to vital needs of communities around Minnesota, including policies that violate immigrants’ human rights and threaten women’s reproductive rights; they also provide general operating funding to organizations that drive gender and racial justice in Minnesota.

Because inequity looks different in every community, we use our Intersectional Equity Framework to look at how gender, race, place (geography), and additional identities (ethnicity, sovereignty, socioeconomic class, age, disability, LGBTQ+, immigration) intersect in order to target the most innovative solutions to build greater gender and racial justice.

Priority is given to organizations that ensure safe and healthy lives for women, girls, gender-expansive people, and families.

Meet our statewide grantee-partners:

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