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Vice President of Advancement
The Vice President of Advancement provides strategic direction and leadership for fundraising and resource development for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. The Vice President leads the Advancement team and integrates colleagues across the Foundation to achieve annual and long-term revenue goals with the intent to create a sustainable Foundation and a preferred philanthropic partner.

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Who We Are

Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is a statewide community foundation that invests in innovation to drive gender equity in Minnesota. Founded in 1983, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is the first and largest statewide women’s foundation in the country. We hold a unique niche among Minnesota community foundations.

Through our grantmaking, we fund programs across the state that drive “systems change” – shifts in individual, cultural, and community attitudes and behaviors, and shifts in institutions and policies that serve as barriers to gender equity. We invest in front-end of the pipeline, permanent solutions to the root causes of gender inequity, including sexism, racism, poverty, violence, homophobia, health disparities, lack of women’s leadership, and more — all complex problems that impact women and girls, families, and communities.

An operating practice that sets us apart from other philanthropies is our Intersectional Lens Framework™, where we apply a gender, race, place, and additional identities (socioeconomic class, age, disability, LGTBQ, and immigration status) lens to all our annual grantmaking, research, and public policy work.

How We Work

In our office, we strive for strategic excellence and teaming, and each of us commits to the success of the Foundation. Staff members are expected to exhibit initiative, be solution-focused, and build cross-department cooperation and learning. We govern with excellence by using our annual operating plan to move forward the Foundation’s Board of Trustees’ Strategic Plan.

We value and are committed to a healthy work culture grounded in respect and trust. Staff members are expected to use direct, respectful communication with colleagues and to share immediate feedback when conflicts arise, with a commitment to resolution before seeking supervisor intervention.

We like fun, too. Celebration and humor are important threads woven throughout the Foundation’s culture. We celebrate personal (ex. birthdays, other events) and professional milestones, and we prioritize team-building and leadership development throughout the year