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Another world is not only possible –
it is here and emerging around us.

Since the onset of the pandemic and the global movements for racial justice, WFMN’s Road to Transformation was launched to listen, amplify, and invest in the voices and experiences of communities across our state.

About the Road to Transformation

Through a series of large and intimate convenings, we are growing on this journey as we listen, learn, and create new ways of operating to transform inequitable systems and catalyze gender and racial equity, justice, and healing for all Minnesota communities.

As we share our leading research and create virtual community, join us to connect with scholars, visionaries, healers, and organizers to discuss the ways communities across our state are navigating these times. These online learning engagements highlight a range of perspectives, including across geography to address the experiences of women and girls throughout Minnesota.

As a statewide community foundation, we begin by listening and investing in community solutions. In this time of urgency and heightened need, we are continuing to center the voices, vision, and leadership of communities most impacted because they hold the key to solutions for a stronger Minnesota.

We all have work to do, and this moment demands we do it together.

Thank you for joining us as we activate our collective power to drive gender and racial equity.

Bringing Research to Life

2020 Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota

WFMN has long invested in research to understand the realities facing women and girls across Minnesota so that we may target community-centered solutions for gender and 
racial equity. In September 2020, we launched our newest report and the leading research in the state on how women and girls are faring in economics, safety, health, and leadership. The 2020 Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota report details the profound gender inequities that persist in Minnesota, with greater disparities faced by women and girls of color, Native Americans, rural women and girls, LGBTQ+ people, and older women.

“There is really a dual vulnerability for women and especially women of color. They are more likely to be in the high-risk essential workforce – facing risk from the virus or they’re facing layoffs.”

Dr. Christina Ewig, Faculty Director of the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy, 
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

About the Research

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Listening to Impacted Women & Girls

The Genius of Black Women

At the intersection of a global pandemic and heightened anti-Black racial injustice, Black women are leading movements for safety, representation, and justice across our state and our country. In June 2020, nationally recognized voices in the movement for racial justice joined WFMN to share their wisdom, set context, and seed our imaginations for collective liberation as we invest in gender and racial equity on the road to justice.

WFMN hosted The Genius of Black Women: Vision & Leadership on the Frontlines of Minneapolis, a powerful and moving conversation led by WFMN Vice President of Community Impact, Lulete Mola, and Lissa Jones of KMOJ Radio’s Urban Agenda, with Kandace Montgomery, Director of Black Visions, and Leslie E. Redmond, President of the NAACP Minneapolis.

Genius of Black Women Profiles

Our call to action is to listen to Black women, trust Black women, follow Black women, invest in Black women, and recognize their genius to create a world that helps Black communities, communities of color, and all people thrive.

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Safety & Community Well-Being

Driving Gender & Racial Equity with Men & Boys

In fall 2020, WFMN partnered with A Call to Men for a series of conversations by, for, and with men to listen, learn, and act to end gender-based violence and discrimination. The trainings launched the Men of Courage Circle at WFMN and will provide men of influence in the workplace, community, and family life the tools to transform as individuals, leaders in institutions, and investors in changing systems to create a better future for all.

Men of Courage Profiles

The series inspires men to take actions now to create a Minnesota where all women and girls can thrive.

Join the Men of Courage

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Investing in Transformation

Leadership & Legacy Celebration

We are inspired by the philanthropic leadership of partners who dare to imagine a better world and actively champion change that puts communities at the center of solutions. At our annual Leadership & Legacy Celebration, President & CEO Gloria Perez led a conversation with Dr. Joi Lewis (Founder & CEO, Healing Justice Foundation and JoiUnlimited Coaching) and Erin Vilardi (Founder & CEO, Vote Run Lead on the theme of Truth, Healing, & Transformation.

Profile Pictures

As Dr. Joi famously says, “May the revolution be healing!”

Watch Conversation with Dr. JoiWatch Erin Vilardi’s Video

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Harnessing the Moment for Change

Powering Forward: Shaping the Future for Women & Families

In this historical moment, women continue to power us forward into a world of gender and racial justice. After the critical 2020 election, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota (WFMN) and The Aspen Forum on Women and Girls held a post-election conversation to hold space, build community, and provide critical analysis to encourage collective power and hope in the ongoing movement for gender and racial equity.

Powering Forward Speaker Profiles

Moderated by Gloria Riviera of ABC News, the panel included some of the nation’s leading voices, including Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, the highest-ranking Native women holding non-tribal Executive office; Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center; and C. Nicole Mason, CEO and President, Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Watch the Event

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What’s Next?

As we continue to address the impacts of COVID-19, racial injustice, and their repercussions for women, girls, and families, we will harness our collective power to transform into a state that is stronger for all of us by centering the solutions of communities most impacted by inequities and injustice.

In March 2021, we will continue our conversations with community through a Road to Transformation Listening Series of eight Listening Sessions with grantee-partners and community leaders across our state. As the wisdom and solutions of communities most impacted by inequities adds to our ongoing research on the Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota, we will expand our understanding of how systems must shift so that all women and girls in Minnesota can thrive.

WFMN Grantee-Partners