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Dakota Wicohan: Nurturing Cultural Identity and Resiliency to Build Pathways to Prosperity

If resiliency, optimism, and hope for the future could be bottled and sold, its name would be Belva Phillips.

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Grantee Story

Dunwoody College: Creating Pathways to Prosperity for Women

Kolang Vang and Sirena Dubiel both feel they have finally landed in the right program to help them achieve educational success.

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Strengthening the Potential in Our Communities

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota scales our impact by listening and responding to community concerns.
We know that problems and solutions are found in the same place, and to create a statewide solution, we look to the strengths that already exist in our Minnesota community. Our goal is to inspire and strengthen the potential in our communities, and one important way to do this is through grantmaking.

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Our Grantmaking Funds & Grant Opportunities

We welcome proposals from statewide nonprofit organizations, American Indian Nations, and unincorporated* organizations.

girlsBEST: The fifth three-year cohort of girlsBEST grantee-partners was named in May 2017. The next RFP for girlsBEST will open in 2020.

Innovation: No open grant round at this time.

MN Girls Are Not For Sale: No open grant round at this time.

Pathways to Prosperity (P2P): No open grant round at this time.

Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota: WFMN Innovator applicants will be notified in March, 2019. See the Request for Proposals for more information about the application process.

Ripley Memorial Foundation (Donor Advised Fund): No open grant round at this time.


If you would like to know if your organization or program fits within our funding priorities, please contact Lulete Mola, vice president of community impact, at 612-236-1829 or

*Unincorporated organizations, please contact Lulete Mola before submitting an application.

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FY17 Grantee-Partners

(April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017)

girlsBEST (girls Building Economic Success Together):

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has awarded $150,000 in planning grants to 28 nonprofit organizations through its girlsBEST (girls Building Economic Success Together) Fund. The grant period is October 15, 2016 to April 14, 2017. Established in 2001, girlsBEST is a girl-led, girl-driven grantmaking program to increase the readiness of low-income girls, girls of color, and girls from Greater Minnesota (ages 12-18) to achieve future economic prosperity.


The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has awarded a total of $100,000 in grants to three organizations through its Innovation Fund. Through the Innovation Fund, the Women’s Foundation awards grants to organizations and programs in alignment with the Foundation’s goals of driving gender equity throughout the state. Because gender inequality looks different in every community, the Foundation uses an intersectional equity lens to look at how gender, race, place (geography),and equity (class, age, ability, LGBTQ+, immigration status) intersect to help identify the most innovative solutions to build greater equity. Priority is given to organizations that ensure women’s safe and healthy lives.

MN Girls Are Not For Sale:

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has awarded a total of $312,500 in grants to eight organizations through its MN Girls Are Not For Sale Fund. Through MN Girls Are Not For Sale, the Foundation has awarded 109 grants for a total of $2,716,252 and invested more than $6 million to end sex trafficking in Minnesota through grantmaking, research, and public education to date.
 Over the next year, grantees will focus on the following priorities:

  1. Research and advocacy efforts to increase resources for shelter, housing, and services for victims of sex trafficking and training for law enforcement. Due to these efforts, the State adopted a $3 million funding increase (for a total investment of $11 million) for the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Youth Act for fiscal year 2018-19, raised the upper age limit to 24 years old, and provided additional training dollars for law enforcement.
  2. Decrease demand by educating and mobilizing public support and activism through strategies aimed at youth, men and boys, and the broader community to prevent sex trafficking in Minnesota.
Pathways to Prosperity (P2P):

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota has awarded $309,000 in grants to five organizations through its Pathways to Prosperity (P2P) Fund. Through P2P, the Women’s Foundation aims to create unrestricted pathways to economic security and prosperity for low-income women, women of color, and women in greater Minnesota. Through P2P, the Foundation awards grants to innovative programs at nonprofit organizations or community/technical colleges that focus on workforce development, wealth building, or entrepreneurship. Funded programs also focus on providing wrap-around support services including childcare, financial literacy, and transportation.