Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota Research Project

At the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, we aim to make racism, sexism and poverty history. To this end, we conduct annual research to quantify and analyze barriers to gender equality for women and girls in Minnesota.

Launched in 2009, Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota is an ongoing collaborative research project of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the University of MN Humphrey School’s Center on Women, Gender & Public Policy. Annually, data specific to Minnesota women and girls is gathered and analyzed in economics, safety, health, and leadership.

The project represents a unique approach to research by using a gender-race-geography-equity lens. Over 100 experts from academia, government, nonprofit and private sectors, elected bodies and philanthropy participated in working groups and reviewed data on women and girls in Minnesota to identify the key issues outlined in the research, and proffer solutions.

Through the research, a baseline is provided for measuring where to apply needed interventions and benchmark the continued progress on the road to economic, political and social equality for all women and girls in Minnesota.