Education & Public Policy

At the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, one way we advance equity in the state is by educating and engaging citizens, leaders, and communities about the barriers to equity that women and girls experience each day. We add a critical gender-race-place-equity lens to dialogue with communities and policymakers that would otherwise be absent.

We add this critical lens by producing annual research on the status of women and girls in Minnesota. We share the research every other year on our statewide Road to Equality Tour, where we hold community presentations and focus groups.

As a statewide community foundation, we are uniquely positioned to convene groups across the state around common issues of interest related to women and girls’ equity in economics, safety, health and leadership. A great example is MN Girls Are Not For Sale, the Foundation’s first single-issue campaign. We also take a seat on diverse collaboratives, sponsor issue briefings with community partners, and use social media to engage communities and give voice to their issues.

Building pathways to prosperity for all of the state’s women and girls is a priority. As such, we focus 50 percent of our competitive grantmaking toward building economic opportunities for women. This means that we will invest in organizations that boost low-income women’s future well-being. In addition, we are a member fund of Partnership for Women’s Prosperity, a national collaborative of six women’s foundations that award grants to ensure that people, programs, and policy all promote economic fairness and economic opportunity for women.

We also move Minnesota forward by educating and influencing institutions, leaders, and communities to knock down barriers to gender equity and ultimately, to invest resources in the state’s women and girls.

Our research on the status of women and girls in the state informs our annual public policy agenda, as well as our annual grantmaking. We are also committed to building the capacity of our grantees to affect social change and public policy outcomes. We do this by convening our grantees from all of our grantmaking funds annually for a full day of networking, learning, and capacity-building.