The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota is a member fund of the Partnership for Women’s Prosperity (the Partnership), a platform to share best practices and find replicable solutions to systemic problems facing economically vulnerable women and girls in communities, nationwide.

To launch the Partnership in August 2012, Walmart Foundation awarded $3.35 million in grants and worked closely with Partnership members to establish goals and fund programs that best serve women in their local communities. Through the Partnership, The Washington Area Women’s Foundation, The New York Women’s Foundation, Women’s Foundation of Mississippi, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis and Women’s Funding Network have leveraged the funding to provide additional support to local programs and partners that deliver critical resources, job training, employment and leadership development.

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As a Partnership for Women’s Prosperity member fund, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota received $650,000 of the total funding to support the girlsBEST (girls Building Economic Success Together) Fund program through 2014. Launched in 2002, girlsBEST was the first permanently endowed fund for girls at any women’s foundation in the world. Through girlsBEST, the grant has enabled the Women’s Foundation to reach an additional 1,100 girls, including African immigrant girls in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center and New Hope, and girls of color in greater southern Minnesota, including Austin, Worthington, St. James, Faribault and Marshall.

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“The Partnership and this grant will help us provide more girls in Minnesota with an opportunity to receive the support and resources vital to their future economic success,” said Lee Roper-Batker, president and CEO of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. “We know that finding solutions to the systemic problems facing economically vulnerable women and girls will take innovation and collaboration, both in Minnesota and on the national level.”

“There is a strong business case for corporations to invest in all women and girls,” said Roper-Batker. “We are asking all businesses, individuals and organizations to join us as we work toward achieve economic security for women and girls in Minnesota and nationwide.”

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