Strategic Vision

The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota invests in innovation to drive gender equity in Minnesota. We aim to create a world of equal opportunity where women and girls – and all people – hold the power to create safe, prosperous lives.

In November 2015, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved a new 10-year Strategic Plan (April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2026). We refined and focused our mission and vision, clarified our values – the three-chambered heart of the Women’s Foundation: Hope, Generosity, and Inclusion – reaffirmed our guiding principles, and created four new strategic goals that will drive gender equity.

>> Strategic Plan Overview: April 2016-March 2026

With this new Strategic Plan, the Women’s Foundation is anchored in the same direction, with even greater clarity and focus.

As a statewide community foundation, we are leveraging community investments (grantmaking and more), research, public policy, strategic communications, and cross-sector partnerships to ensure community solutions across Minnesota.

Investing in innovation requires us to invest in groundbreaking, root-cause removal of structural barriers to ensure systems are accessible and hold equal opportunity for all, and that new institutions and programs are built to deliver better results.

4IntersectionalLensWe drive gender equity because while women and girls remain at the heart of our mission, we know that men and boys must be part of the solution, and that gender equity benefits all of us. And with a focus on “equity,” using our Intersectional Lens Framework (pictured, left), we continue our commitment to ensure that women and girls who experience the greatest disparities in outcomes have equal opportunity and can create and live safe, prosperous lives: low-income women and girls; women and girls of color; immigrants and refugees; lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women and girls; and women and girls with disabilities.

The Women’s Foundation chose 10 years for the duration of our Strategic Plan because we know from social science that “social change” – shifts in institutions and policies, and attitudes and behaviors – takes a minimum of 10 years to seed and for that positive change to actualize. It’s thrilling to anticipate the impact we will nurture and grow during the next 10 years together.