National Partnerships:

>> White House Council on Women and Girls
The White House Council on Women and Girls (WHCWG) has been a partner of the Foundation since 2014. The Foundation first partnered with the WHCWG as the visionary architect of Prosperity Together, a coalition of 29 women’s foundations across the U.S. working to build low-income women and families economic security. Last November, Prosperity Together announced a $100 million commitment over five years at the White House. In Year One, expectations were exceeded, providing $27 million to over 933 unique groups, benefiting over 4,000,000 women and families across the United States.

Our longstanding impact with girlsBEST also positioned us to inform the WHCWG on their national agenda. The Foundation shared our notable practices as well as our community-based research to inform the WHCWG’s approach. As a result, the Foundation partnered with the WHCWG as the Minnesota host of its National Listening Tour on Women and Girls of Color. Through the Tour, the WHCWG aimed to develop a national agenda focused on equity and empowerment for women and girls of color.

On November 30, 2015, we hosted two listening sessions in partnership with the WHCWG and our grantee-partners for grantmakers and policymakers to hear directly from young women and advocates from Minnesota’s American Indian and Somali and East African communities about the challenges and barriers to equity they face as young women of color, and their solutions, hopes, and dreams for the future. Produced with the participation of the WHCWG, Listening to Young Women of Color, Youth & Advocates:Volume I documents these first two listening sessions.

>> NoVo Foundation
After the initial two listening sessions in November 2015, the Foundation partnered with the NoVo Foundation to continue the series, as we value all communities equally and have a long-held ethos of listening and investing in community wisdom and solutions. From June through December 2016, the Women’s Foundation, in partnership with the NoVo Foundation and our grantee-partners, convened seven additional community-specific listening sessions with young women of color (African American; Latina; Hmong and Karen), LGBTQ youth, young women in greater Minnesota, and young women with disabilities (ages 12-24).

Produced with the participation of the NoVo Foundation, Listening to Young Women of Color, Youth & Advocates: Volume II documents three Listening Sessions the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota convened June 2016 for you women and advocates from the African American, Latina, and Hmong and Karen communities. We will also produce and disseminate aggregated reports documenting the information shared by all of the panels in early 2017.

>> Women’s Foundation YWI Funders Collaborative
The national Women’s Foundation YWI Funders Collaborative was founded in July 2016, after eight women’s foundations announced commitments to launch Young Women’s Initiatives in their respective regions while onstage at the White House’s United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C.

The collaborative is a learning cohort of eight women’s foundations who will share best practices and field learning as YWIs unfold in our regions. Additionally, the Collaborative will attract national philanthropies who are looking to scale projects that increase equity in outcomes for young women.

>> Partnership for Women’s Prosperity
The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota continues to participate in Partnership for Women’s Prosperity, a national partnership of six women’s foundations and the Walmart Foundation working together to unleash the economic power of all women and girls in America – community by community. The collective goal of the Partnership is to help economically vulnerable women and girls become economically secure through education, job training, and employment opportunities. The Partnership achieves this goal through grantmaking, collaboration in a learning community, research, and the development of best practices and strategies.

The members of the Partnership are all notable women’s foundations that have demonstrated the ability to create significant, transformative change in their local communities. Women’s foundations conduct high-impact grantmaking not only by investing in effective programs, but by engaging in a holistic approach that provides multiple layers of support to grantees.

>> Women’s Funding Network
The Foundation is a lead member of the Women’s Funding Network, the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls. More than 100 women’s funds and foundations spanning 20 countries come together to address and solve critical and complex social issues ranging from poverty to global security. In 2015, members invested over $410 million to advance gender equity.