Where Does the Money Go?

MN Girls Are Not For Sale is a five-year, $5 million campaign to galvanize the resources to end the prostitution of underage girls in Minnesota through grantmaking, research, public education, convening, and evaluation. Over the course of the five years, this is how we anticipate the funds being used:

We’ll make grants to: change state laws to recognize girls who’ve been prostituted are victims of a crime, not the criminals; ensure that advocates can create and sustain holistic shelters for survivors; develop a statewide intervention model of safety that connects law enforcement, prosecutors, investigators, and advocates; train youth outreach service professionals; and educate youth about sex trafficking prevention.

We’ll create comprehensive research that measures the scope and demand of child prostitution in Minnesota and share it with other states.

We’ll educate, engage and mobilize the public to prevent the prostitution of Minnesota girls and decrease the demand.

We’ll continue to convene our stakeholders to inform our work, deepen the network, and develop the best strategies to end the prostitution of Minnesota girls.