Who is doing the work?


As a statewide social change community foundation, the Women’s Foundation actively engages diverse communities in our work. For the MN Girls Are Not for Sale campaign, committees all have diverse membership and leadership by community leaders guiding our campaign strategies.

Program Committee

  • Cordelia Anderson, National Coalition to Prevent
    Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Kim Borton*
  • Vednita Carter, Breaking Free
  • Joy Friedman, Breaking Free
  • Mary Beth Hanson*
  • Amy Hartman, Cherish Our Children
  • Saanii Hernandez*
  • Beth Holger-Ambrose, The Link
  • Roberta Jones, Hennepin County Attorney
  • Kate Kelly, Community Leader
  • Suzanne Koepplinger, George Family Foundation
  • Sharon Lubinski, U.S. Marshall
  • Lauren Martin, PhD., University of Minnesota
  • Karen McElrath, Charlson Family Foundation
  • Beatriz Menanteau, The Advocates For Human Rights
  • David Nelson, Carlson Family Foundation
  • Wendy Nelson, Carlson Family Foundation
  • Kate Richtman, Juvenile Division, Ramsey County
  • Lee Roper-Batker*
  • Artika Roller, Women’s Advocates, Inc.
  • Lauren Ryan, MN Dept. of Health
  • Andrea Satter*
  • Susan Segal, Minneapolis City Attorney
  • Shunu Shrestha, Program Against Violence of Sexual Assault
  • Bethany Snyder, Office of U.S. Sen. Al Franken
  • Valerie Spencer, Community Leader
  • Rosa Tock, Waite House Community Center
  • Patty Wetterling, MN Dept. of Health
  • Terry Williams*

*Women’s Foundation of Minnesota staff
Bold indicates Women’s Foundation of Minnesota Board of Trustees


Thanks to the following partners who have helped guide this campaign although they are not on a standing committee.

  • Harold and Kayrita Anderson Family Foundation
  • Commander John Bandemer, St. Paul Police
  • Jeff Bauer, The Family Partnership
  • John Choi, Ramsey County Attorney
  • Michele Garnett McKenzie, Director of Advocacy of Advocates for Human Rights
  • Rachel Lloyd, Executive Director of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS)
  • Mark Rubin, St. Louis County Attorney
  • Sergeant Grant Snyder, Minneapolis Police