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The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota built the MN Girls Are Not For Sale campaign on our ethos of listening and responding to community concerns. We know that problems and solutions are found in the same place, and to create a statewide solution, we look to the strengths that already exist in our Minnesota community. Our goal is to inspire and strengthen the potential in our communities, and one important way to do this is through grantmaking.

As part of MN Girls Are Not For Sale, the Women’s Foundation awards grants to nonprofits for programs that will produce the necessary changes in attitudes and behaviors and shifts in institutions and policies to insure that Minnesota girls are not for sale.

In the last six years, we have made grants to change state laws to recognize girls who’ve been sex trafficked are victims of a crime, not the criminals; ensure that advocates can create and sustain holistic shelters for survivors with trauma-based services; develop a statewide county team/multi-jurisdictional strategy for intervention; include the support of training youth outreach service professionals; and education for youth about sex trafficking prevention.